Thank you for visiting our web page. We hope you will take the time to learn about your City’s efforts to update your Comprehensive Plan. A City Plan provides the foundation for a wide variety of actions, all designed to help citizens accomplish a shared vision for their community. Updating a Plan allows the City to investigate, identify and implement actions that are necessary to address changes in circumstances that have occurred since the adoption of the last City Plan. In this way, a Plan is a “living” document.

Newport’s current form is a product of both organic and planned development. While much of the City “fabric” is well established, a lot has changed since 2004, when the last Plan was adopted. Major employers have moved, technology has advanced and, changes in global climate conditions have contributed to sea level rise, more frequent and intense storm events, elevated flood levels and storm surge, all of which threaten the City’s economy, property and citizens. Funding for necessary capital infrastructure is hard to find and our population is becoming older and more diverse. These changes create challenges, but also opportunities. The Plan update needs to address all of this and more.
You can help.


On this web page you’ll find the following:

  • Two tabs on the upper left of this page. One allows you to sign up for email notifications of meetings and other important events. The other allows you to submit written comments related to the City of Newport's Comprehensive Plan update.
  • Under the “Plan Update Program” tab above, you’ll find information about the Plan update program management, the update scope and work program, as well as the program schedule.
  • Under the “Community Involvement” tab above, you’ll find information about public workshops as well as official Planning Board and City Council meetings.
  • Under the “Library” tab above you’ll find copies of meeting presentations and project documents, as well as helpful links to other web pages having content that is relevant to one or more of the topics that will be addressed in the Plan update.