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Project Scope and Work Program

The program scope is mandated by state law, which details the topics the Plan must address and how, as well as listing mandatory content such as specific maps to include. 

In addition to a Community Engagement component (described in more detail under the “Community Involvement” tab on the Home page), the program scope/work program includes the following:

  • Refining the current City “vision” and developing related goals and policies
  • Identifying and evaluating existing conditions by topic area
  • Assessing available “forecasts” of future conditions (relating to Plan topics)
  • Reviewing and evaluating current City capital facility plans (excluding engineering)
  • Reviewing adjacent community plans to identify relevant information

Plan “Elements” will include many current and conventional topics, but also some new additions, required by State law.

  • Housing (will include new provisions mandated by State law)
  • Natural Hazards and Climate Change (a new element focused on these issues)
  • Natural Resources
  • Open Space and Outdoor Recreation 
  • Historical and Cultural Resources
  • Economic Development (to include agricultural business, as required by State law)
  • Energy (another new and focused Plan element)
  • Public Services and Facilities
  • Circulation and Transportation
  • Land Use, and
  • Plan Implementation (to include more specificity per new State mandates)